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Total Security for Business Networks

  • Graphical Dashboard
    Graphicaly View the Network security health status,Statistics of Clients, Update and Threat status
  • Cloud Based Admin Console
    Login from any Internet enabled PC / Mobile / Tablet
  •  Multi-Location and Multi-Device Manager Console
    Easily view and manage Security for PCs from all branches / locations
  •  Single Click Installation
    One Click Installation. Easily install on each PC in the Network
  •  Compatible Network Types
    Support and Compatible with both Network Types: Domain Controller or Workgroup
  • Organise the PCs in Groups
    Group PCs as per department, floor, lab or location
  • Launch Scanning and Updates from Server
    Start the scanning and updates on selected clients
  •  Easy Application Management
    View and Manage running processes.Transfer and run application and patches on remote PC etc
  • Network Updates without Internet
    All Pcs without Internet automatically locate and fetch updates from nearest local Update Server
  •  Restrict USB
    Restrict USB removable media access as Allow / Block / Read-Only
  •  Data Backup
    Manage client data backup from the server, for safe keeping against any corruption or ransomware
  • Manage Security Settings
    Remotely manage Antivirus Settings and Policies on Single PC or Group
  • Chat and Remote Desktop Viewer
    System Admin can view desktop of client PC remotely by single click and can also chat with client PC
  • Easy Top-UP Key
    Top-up validity of any local PC or field roaming Laptop
  •  Network Reports
    Detailed and Summary Security Reports for the Network
  •  Manage Web Shield Settings
    Manage and View Policies for Web Scanning, Anti-Phishing, Block Dangerouse Sites and Advertise Blocker


Internationally Tested and Certified with the prestigious Checkmark Certification

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